2014-2015 end of year wrap-up

Symposium on vernacular photography: In March, artist-collector Nigel Maister, Artistic Director of the International Theatre Program and University of Rochester, led a seminar on snapshot collecting. The next day, Maister joined UM American Culture faculty Maria Cotera and Manan Desai, and English PhD candidate Cass Adair, in a panel discussion on vernacular photography in a wide variety of national, historical, and cultural contexts.

Co-sponsored guest lecture: Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, Emory (with the Disability Studies Group).

Image and paper workshops: In October, in place of a general interest meeting, we held an informal “image workshop” with an open call for presenters. Participants from the departments of English, American Culture, Comparative Literature, Anthropology, and Romance Languages briefly presented images relevant to their work, and we conducted a productive discussion about ideas and methods for working with images in a variety of critical contexts. In April, we workshopped conference papers by Phil Witte (English), Michael Pascual (American Culture), and Kyle Frisina (American Culture).

Gallery walk: Discussion and gallery tour with Amanda Krugliak, curator at the Michigan’s Institute for the Humanities.

Collaboration with the Visual Culture Graduate Group at Wayne State University: Members from the Wayne State group came to Ann Arbor for a second gallery event and a networking meeting. In April, two UM-VCW members presented papers at Wayne State’s annual Visual Culture Symposium.


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