Professor Alison Hoffman-Han: “Hollywood Signs and Hotel Stories: Sofia Coppola’s Psychogeographies”

Friday, November 1
3241 Angell Hall

For a filmmaker who says she does not make “political films,” Sofia Coppola nonetheless sketches out a politics of contemporary celebrity and media culture through her expressive character and production design.  Place is central to her films’ cultural and visual politics.  Alison Hoffman-Han’s presentation will consider Coppola’s cinematic “psychogeographies” of Los Angeles and Tokyo by looking closely at The Bling Ring (2013), Somewhere (2010), and Lost in Translation (2003). Focusing on Coppola’s intertextual dialogues with other artists’ renderings of these cities, Hoffman-Han questions how Coppola visualizes the monumentality of mobility and immensity of intimacy in our “supermodern” age.

Dr. Hoffman-Han is an Assistant Professor of Cinema Studies at Oakland University, and the author of the upcoming Sofia Coppola: Reveries in Pink (University of Illinois Press).

Lunch will be served.Please RSVP to Katie Lennard:

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