Join us for a Lecture by Professor and Cultural Critic Steven Shaviro


Domino (2005)
                      Still from Domino (2005), Dir. Tony Scott

Friday, March 15
3222 Angell Hall

This talk will look at recent shifts in style and mood in moving-image media. By “post-continuity,” I refer to recent trends in Hollywood cinema in which the traditional anchoring by means of continuity editing has become less important than a kind of immanent affective organization of the narrative in terms of moments of transition and shock. One can see this in a number of post-2000 action blockbusters by directors such as the late Tony Scott, but also in various unusual styles of low-budget independent filmmaking. By “post-irony,” I refer more to a change in tone and mood than in one of stylistics: the tendency, found in certain recent art pictures and low-budget exploitation pictures alike, to move beyond the “postmodern” cynicism and irony regarding the proliferation of simulacra in the late 20th century, to a new kind of ontological reckoning with such developments.
Dr. Shaviro is the DeRoy Professor of English at Wayne State University, where he teaches courses on literature, film, and contemporary cultural theory.
His books include: Connected, Or, What It Means to Live in the Network Society (2003), DoomPatrols:  A Theoretical Fiction About Postmodernism (1997), and The Cinematic Body (1993).
Lunch will be served
Please RSVP to Katie Lennard:

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