Monday February 13: “Sights and Souls: Missionary Photography and Visual Perceptions of 20th Century China”

Please join us to workshop a paper in progress by Joseph Ho

Monday, February 13
4:30- 6pm
3512 Haven Hall

Dinner will be served

Please RSVP to to receive a copy of the paper
My talk, “Sights and Souls: Missionary Photography and Visual Perceptions in 20th Century China,” looks at photographic production, ways of seeing, and identity formation in American Protestant evangelism and medical missionary projects in China between 1920 and 1950. Reading missionary photographs and films in concert with oral histories and texts detailing the experience of American Protestants in China allows me to ask questions about the role of photography in mediating cultural encounters, framing realities and identities, and structuring transnational relationships. In terms of methodology, I will be discussing still photographs and 16mm motion pictures taken by missionaries in China as documents and artifacts in their own right rather than one-dimensional “illustrations.”
Joseph Ho is a second year PhD student in the Department of History. His primary interests focus on the history and culture of photography in the context of 20th century US history, Sino-American encounters, and transnationality.


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