Waste and Time: Explore Mark Dion’s Exhibition with Prof. Patsy Yaeger

Poster courtesy of The Institute for the Humanities.
Please join the Visual Culture Workshop and Patsy Yaeger, Professor of English at UM, for a conversation about Mark Dion’s installation “Waiting for the Extraordinary.”Meet us at the Institute for the Humanities Gallery, 202 S. Thayer
12:30 pm, Thursday October 6
We will tour the installation, then talk in the adjacent seminar room.
Please RSVP to Katie Lennard: klennard@umich.edu

Sculptor Mark Dion’s work straddles the material and immaterial worlds. His installations re-examine our relation to objects and the taxonomies that we use in their categorization and collection. In “Waiting for the Extraordinary,” his site specific exhibition for UM, Dion engages these concerns while also forcing his viewers to enter a particular kind of temporal limbo; to engage with the objects he has collected, we must wait. Please join us for an informal conversation about the exhibition, and how Dion’s work challenges and complicates our understanding of visual and material practice.

Professor Patsy Yaeger’s interest in material detritus, collides with her examinations of the affective wakes of bodies moving through space. Her insights will provide an important dimension to what we intend to be a lively, trans-disciplinary discussion.

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