VCW Lecture with Eliza Richards

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for a lecture:

“The storms behind the storm we feel: Melville’s Civil War Weather Reports”
Eliza Richards
Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature
UNC Chapel Hill

Angell Hall 3222
Thursday  December 2,  4:30 pm

Refreshments will be served

During the US Civil War, the weather provided a medium for poets seeking a way of relating distant events with present experience, especially in sensory terms. More particularly, Civil War poetry of all kinds–Northern and Southern, broadly or narrowly circulated–draws sustained parallels between weather and the circulation and reception of news in wartime. Something is in the air during the Civil War, and the only way to address this elusive, ever-changing, and semi-tangible subject is to talk about the air directly. In this lecture, Richards explores the ways Melville figures the relation between weather and news in Battle-Pieces, published in1866; there Melville retrospectively prophesies military and political outcomes of the war by offering weather forecasts, forging a complex relation between news and weather as equally compelling and interrelated wartime atmospheres.

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